A rosary featuring red, clear. Vlue, aqua, and black beads lays against a white background with a babys hospital cap and pacifier lying next to it.

PRE-ORDER for the Pro-Life Rosary

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This is for the Pre Order for the Pro Life Rosary. Shipping will be within the next 2 weeks depending on the size of the orders. 

Each color represents a special prayer for those affected by abortion.

Purple - for Jesus' Passion

Aqua - for the intentions of Mary's Immaculate Heart 

Red - is for the blood spilled through abortion and those babies lives. 

Black - is for the medical professionals who have participated in pro- death activities 

Red white and blue - is for our Country

Green - is for Hope. 

Each Rosary comes with the prayers printed out for you, a rosary tracking clip and a Pray your Rosary sticker. 


Pray with me this year to put an End to abortion.