About Us

Pelican Catholic Gifts is an online seller of Catholic goods in Kentucky. From handmade rosaries to devotionals, we are dedicated to helping Catholics around the world increase in faith, hope and love. 


Pelican Catholic Gifts began with a stay-at-home mom’s love of the Rosary. Crystal Eifert converted after marrying Will, a cradle Catholic and Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus. After the birth of their first child, Crystal’s devotion to the Blessed Mother grew, and she began making rosaries. Together, Crystal and Will began selling rosaries online.  

Why the Pelican? 

There was an ancient legend that if she could not find food for her young, a mother pelican would pierce her own breast to feed them with her blood. Christians adopted this legend for its clear similarities to Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. That image of Christ as the pelican has played an important role in the Eifert family, and that’s why it was chosen as the name of this company. 

Contact us 

If you have any questions about our company or products, contact us on the site or by email at pelicancatholicgifts (at) gmail.com.