A full sized black crystal glass bead rosary with medal roses for the Our Father beads lays on a white tray. The tray is set on a wooden background with a rosary holder next to it.
A close up on the black bead rosary and rose shaped pur father beads. It also shows the rose centerpiece and rose themed crucifix
Close up of the back of the rose shaped centerpiece which depicts our Lady of Fatima

Memento Mori and Roses

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This Rosary is definitely different from my usual Crystal glass sparkly bead Rosaries.

I created it to be a symbol of Lent. As we reflect on the ashes on our heads and Remembering that we are of dust and to dust we shall return we can hold the matte ash colored crystal glass beads as we pray. As we hit each Our Father Bead, our fingers touch a rose shaped bead to help us reflect on Jesus' death on the cross and our own mortality and also the graces His Blessed Mother provides to us when we meditate on the Rosary. 

 The rose shaped centerpiece features an image of Our Lady of Fatima on the reverse and the Crucifix features roses on each end of the Cross.