Why a Pelican?

Why Pelican Catholic Gifts? 

The tradition behind the Pelican in Her Piety is that in times of famine, a Mother Pelican will pierce her breast and feed her blood to her young so they would survive. As Catholics, you know we love a good parable, we see this as a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and further as a symbol of the Eucharist. When I look at the image of the Pelican, I am reminded of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross as he was pierced with the nails and crown of thorns. He shed his blood in order to save us from Hell. We take his blood and body weekly at Mass in order to be saved.

What a glorious blessing! 


As always, my goal is to help you grow closer to Jesus through His Blessed Mother, and I hope when you see the Pelican of my logo, you are reminded of His Great Love for us.